What Are Green Oak Framed Buildings?

In your search for the perfect oak framed building, you might have come across the term 'green oak building' - but what is green oak, exactly?

In actual fact, there is no definitive answer to this question as 'green oak' is a name that was adopted many generations ago by those in the timber trade to describe oak that had been recently felled, and thus retains a degree of moisture content.

At the time of felling, oak is naturally high in moisture. Once an oak tree is felled, it immediately begins to lose what is known as 'free water' - the moisture that dwells in the plant's cell cavities. Once all 'free' water has been lost, the oak is at a state known as 'fibre saturation point'. Typically green oak has a moisture content of between 18-30%, depending on long it has been left to air dry, but once the oak falls below its fibre saturation point, it needs to be kiln dried.

So green oak basically defines oak that retains bound water within its cell walls after felling, although to the touch the oak essentially feels dry. As the green oak ages and goes beyond its fibre saturation point, it will undergo a degree of shrinkage. However, green oak is a fantastic material to work with, as it is often available in larger sizes, and can be intricately shaped and crafted.

Here at Hamlet Buildings, we do utilise green oak in a number of our oak framed buildings, garages and oak framed houses. It requires great skill and craftsmanship to create our high quality buildings - if not handled and stored correctly green oak can warp, but its capacity to shrink can be used to our advantage when crafting joints and suchlike. You can be sure that we only use the best quality green oak, which is stored in appropriate conditions and expertly handled.

Oak framed buildings that are built with green oak need time to 'settle', which is why we are happy to offer inspections after around 6 months of completing a project in order to carry out any remedial work. This usually involves very minor alterations and is included in the initial cost of our oak framed buildings.

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