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Insect Attacks on Oak Framed Houses

Dried oak in oak framed buildings is not particularly attractive to wood-boring insects that can cause cosmetic and/or structural damage. Therefore it's not always necessary to have every nook and cranny of your new oak framed building treated to prevent damage from insects.... Read More

Why are there splits in some timbers in oak framed buildings?

This is a question that we are sometimes asked by customers looking to build their own oak framed houses. Small splits and fissures are a fairly common feature in some beams in oak framed buildings, and should be thought of as adding character and style to the overall look and feel of the house.... Read More

Traditional Oak Framed Buildings

We often talk, write and wax lyrical about traditional oak framed buildings - but what is the style of an oak framed house? The answer is that there is no definitive answer, as with any building it depends on the era that the house was first constructed, and the techniques used in the house's construction.... Read More

Oak Garden Buildings for Summer

After what seems like an age of cold, damp, wet and windy weather, it appears that summer has well and truly finally arrived in the UK. Of course this means that many of us are taking the opportunity to make the most of our gardens, and it's often at this time of year that we begin to think seriously about improving and enhancing our own outdoor space.... Read More

Hamlet Oak Framed Buildings Carpentry Glossary - Part 2

In our last post we listed some basic carpentry and joinery terminology that our customers might come across in our brochures, or whilst talking to our design team. In this post, we complete our basic glossary with some common glossary terms listed from L-Z!... Read More

Hamlet Oak Framed Buildings - Carpentry Glossary Part 1

If you're new to the world of oak framed buildings and all their design possibilities, then you might need a little time to familiarise yourself some of the vocabulary used in our brochure, and some of the terms we might refer to during the design process.... Read More

I Want to Build an Oak Framed Building - Where do I Start?

Thanks to their green credentials and ability to blend in with our historic landscape, oak framed buildings are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners and those looking to build their own oak framed house.... Read More

Choosing an Oak Framed Porch

If you've decided that you want to improve and enhance your home with the addition of an oak framed porch, then you might find the following information to be of some use! Here's some basic but important information to help you choose the best oak framed porch for you and your property.... Read More

Preparations Before You Order Your Oak Framed Building

Whether you've opted to order an oak framed garage, bar, porch or stables - in fact, any of our oak framed buildings and structures - there are a few preparatory steps that you'll need to take before we can begin to even think about installation! More information about all of the points covered in this post is available in our brochure, which can you request online here, or by calling our sales team on 01233 731111.... Read More

What Are Green Oak Framed Buildings?

In your search for the perfect oak framed building, you might have come across the term 'green oak building' - but what is green oak, exactly?... Read More

Oak Framed Buildings and Building Regulations

In our last post, we briefly covered the issues surrounding planning permission and oak framed buildings. In this post, we'll have a look at the related topic of Buildings Regulations and the installation of our oak framed buildings.... Read More

Planning Permission for Oak Framed Buildings

Whilst we can supply you with high quality oak framed buildings, unfortunately here at Hamlet Buildings we aren't in a position to offer our customers planning consent too! Consent on planning applications is made entirely at the discretion of your local Planning Officer, planning committee and according to your Local Authority's specific policies and guidelines. And if you're lucky enough to own a Listed Building as your main property and you're considering investing in a new oak framed building to enhance said property, then you'll also need to seek Listed Building approval too.... Read More

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