Hamlet Oak Framed Buildings Carpentry Glossary - Part 2

In our last post we listed some basic carpentry and joinery terminology that our customers might come across in our brochures, or whilst talking to our design team. In this post, we complete our basic glossary with some common glossary terms listed from L-Z!

These terms can apply to oak buildings, oak framed porches, oak framed garden buildings and other structures that we manufacture here at Hamlet Buildings:

Oak Framed Buildings Glossary (L-Z)

Lych Gate - (also known as lychgate or lichgate) a roofed or covered gateway, typically leading to church premises and graveyards. Lychgate styles can date from Medieval times, often inspiring traditional covered gates and oak framed porch designs.

Mansard Roof - a type of hipped roof, with two slopes (double pitched roof) on each side

Mezzanine - a space, often with a balcony, between two building storeys usually sited between the ground floor and first floor.

Mortice - (also mortise) the square hole or recess fashioned to receive a tenon , creating a joint.

Moulding - an ornamental fashioning of a timber.

Open floor - a 'traditional design' feature where floor where joists are exposed and the beams are not covered by a ceiling/

Pavilion Roof - a roof with four (sometimes more) hipped sides that form a pyramidal roof.

Pitch - the numerical steepness/angle of a roof.

Pitched roof - the roof of two sides that meets in a central ridge. Sometimes pitched roof can refer to a roof that slopes more than 10 degrees.

Rafters - the internal timber beams that carry the outer coverings of a roof.

Ridge - the highest horizontal member point of any roof, where rafters are fixed.

Sash - internal frames of a window (sometimes door) that house the glazing.

Shake - a split that can form in the rings of a piece of timber.

Soffit - the underside of a structure on a building, commonly under the roof below or to one side of a facia board.

Tenon - the protrusion created in a piece of timber that is inserted into a mortice to create a joint.

Truss - a framework consisting of triangular structures that supports and transfers the loads to the outer supporting structures or posts.

Vestibule - a small room, chamber or lobby that resides just inside or to the side of a building's entrance next to the outer door.

Wainscoting - traditional style of wooden panelling, typically on the lower half or third of a room.

Winders - steps that narrow on one side of the tread to change the direction of the stairs; often used in loft conversions as a space-saving option.

And that brings to a close part 2 of our oak framed buildings glossary! Here at Hamlet we aim to keep the design process as customer-friendly a possible. But if at any point you're unfamiliar with any terminology that we use, please don't hesitate to ask as we'll be more than happy to go over each detail with you. For more information about our consultation and design service, give us a call on 01233 731111 today.

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