Planning Permission for Oak Framed Buildings

Whilst we can supply you with high quality oak framed buildings, unfortunately here at Hamlet Buildings we aren't in a position to offer our customers planning consent too! Consent on planning applications is made entirely at the discretion of your local Planning Officer, planning committee and according to your Local Authority's specific policies and guidelines. And if you're lucky enough to own a Listed Building as your main property and you're considering investing in a new oak framed building to enhance said property, then you'll also need to seek Listed Building approval too.

Planning legislation varies hugely between Local Authorities - generally owners can extend their properties up to 70 cubic metres of the original size of the main property, but this can be subject to other planning laws in some locations, such as Conservation Areas.

The good news is that Hamlet Buildings offer a customisation service on all of our oak framed buildings, so if required we can modify your individual plans to help you comply with your particular local planning legislations and permissions. The less-than-good news is that we highly recommend that before our customers make that all-important oak framed building purchase, an informal pre-application site visit by a local Planning Officer is made. This could actually save a lot of time and effort in the long run, as the Planning Officer may be able to ascertain whether an individual planning application will need to be submitted prior to the commencement of the oak framed building project, and what specific modifications to your chosen building design will need to be made in order to satisfy all planning criteria. In short, if you're adequately prepared, the planning application process should be relatively straightforward!

Hamlet Buildings does offer a consultation service on planning applications for our own oak framed buildings and oak framed garages. These services are subject to a negotiable extra charge, and may be well worth a little extra expense in cases where extensive or complicated modifications need to be made to satisfy local planning legislation. To find out more about our oak framed buildings, relevant planning permissions and other general enquiries about our products and services, why not request a brochure pack here, or contact our sales team directly on 01233 731111.

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